Who Do You Call When Your Website Goes Down?

When Philip went to his website he saw a blank white screen. In the web design industry we affectionately call this the “white screen of death”. It’s one of the most common errors for Wordpress.

Phillip didn’t have anyone to call for help, and he was getting nowhere with customer no-service. So he had two choices:

  • Research the Solution: figure out the issue himself researching online, costing valuable hours of work time
  • Leave It: ignore it until he found someone to fix it which means his site would be down for a while, costing valuable leads and sales.

Hiring someone to maintain your website helps keep it running smoothly and if the “white screen of death” ever happens, then you have someone to offer a solution.

At Fresh Eggs I do site audits for people wanting to know how their site is performing and what improvements can be made to enable their website to help their business grow. The audit covers User Experience, Conversion Optimization, SEO, Performance & Security plus an hour consult to go over the findings. For $375 they walk away with a document of actionable items to improve their website themselves or which can then be handed over to someone to do the work or hire Fresh Eggs to help.