Bullseye Brace Before and After

My client, Bullseye Brace was founded in 2017. They develop, manufacture and sell supportive braces to help with wrist, elbow and thumb injuries.

The founder and brace designer is a GA Tech Industrial Design graduate. His customers are mainly hand therapists and clinicians, that he connects with through trade shows.

The site that I built for them was their 3rd website. The first two were DIY. So in order to get more sales we need to improve their search ranking by building the website with proper search engine optimization practices as well as improving the overall usability of the site.

They will be implementing a content marketing plan to add new blog posts to their website regularly. This will give the search engines more content to crawl and index over time.

The video below is an overview of the project showing a before and after, comparing their old site to the new website.