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Your server could be down. Or you may have neglected to renew your domain.

Try running your website through this site to see if it’s an isolated issue for just you, or more if it’s down for everyone. If it’s down for everyone check to make sure your domain account is current. If your account is current and Fresh Eggs isn’t your host, contact your hosting provider for more information. This could be due to an outage, lack of resources, or possible delinquent payment.

If your site is down and Fresh Eggs is your host, please fill out the form below and use the “High” priority or just email or call me 404-607-8229.


You’ve been hacked! No fear, Fresh Eggs has you backed up. And if you are on Fresh Eggs’ hosting we will take care of hack cleanup for you! Just fill out the support form and use the “High” priority.

I Can’t log into my website.

If you were trying to log into your website and were unsuccessful more than 4 times then you may see a white screen that says “error”. The security installed on your website has locked you out due to too many bad login attempts. 

  • Wait 20 minutes. 
  • If you know that you are using the right password, try again SLOWLY.
  • If this doesn’t work, then reset your password. 


Typically this is due to a lack of resources with your host. (At this time Fresh Eggs Hosting does not restrict resources). Check with your hosting provider to find a solution. You can test the loading speed at GTMetrix. If this is only on a page you recently created you may not have it completely optimized.

Support Request

Still having trouble? Want to submit an update for your website?

Enter your password to start a ticket

You can find the password for this support form on your latest invoice/sales receipt or in most emails from Fresh Eggs below the signature. Or just shoot me an email and ask for the password.

Please allow 5 business days to complete a content update request.

In most cases I will be able to complete it in 2 to 3 business days as long as I have everything that I need to do the work.

If I have to come back to you for more information or assets, the turnaround time for completion will take longer.

Website Audit

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