WebCare Plans

Websites Are Living Things That Require Ongoing Care and Updates.

But, even if you know how to do things like making backups and adding security patches, what business owner has the time to do it?

Hosting and Care Plans ultimately pay for themselves in terms of saved time and added peace of mind. And because I believe so strongly that the Frittata plan is the right way to go, I will give you 50% off your first six months.

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WebCare Plans


Premium Hosting

Site Security

Uptime Monitoring

Weekly Software updates
to WordPress CMS,
Themes & Plugins

Weekly Software updates

Conflict Resolution

Daily Off-site Backups

SSL Certificate

Hack Recovery

Annual Website Audits

Content Updates


Hard Boiled

up to 2hrs/mo

30 days




30 days



*Standard hosting.

E-commerce hosting is $225/month.

50% off your First 6 months on the Frittata Plan

With A Fresh Eggs Built website!

What these webcare features mean and why you should care:

Premium Hosting:

For a website’s performance, it’s important to host your website on a premium server that is optimized for speed and not over crowded. Fresh Egg’s uses a virtual private server. We don’t jam it up with more sites than it can handle, so server resources are never limited.

Site Security:

Some people have nothing better to do with their time than hacking into other people’s websites. I have a defined, step-by-step process for hardening your site and preventing the vulnerabilities that bad guys try to exploit.

Uptime Monitoring:

If your site goes down while you’re not looking at it, who would know? Fresh Eggs, that’s who. We monitor all of the sites we host to make sure they remain up and running like they’re supposed to be. If there’s ever an issue, we’ll be automatically notified and can usually get your site back up within minutes.

Software Updates:

Technology is ever evolving – at some point, today’s perfect contact form will be even more perfect– and to keep it and everything else on your site (including site security) working like it should, you have to stay current with all of the updates. The biggest reason a site gets hacked is out-of-date software.

Conflict Resolution:

Sometimes those updates don’t play well with others. When an update to one piece of software causes issues with another – I’ll hunt down the cause and fix it for you.

Off-Site Backups:

Every day, Fresh Eggs backs up your site—and stores a copy on a server housed in a remote location. So if something happens to one server, there’s always a backup to the backup.

SSL Certificate:

This stands for Secure Socket Layer (an example of why engineers shouldn’t name things). Anyway, it means that whenever anyone enters any information on your website like their phone number or email address, it’s not at risk of being intercepted by someone else. If your site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, browsers will penalize you by posting a notice telling potential visitors that your site isn’t secure and search engines will ding your search ranking.

Hack Recovery:

If a hacker ever does get past your security features and alters or shuts your site down, I will restore it and get it back on track.

Content Updates:

Did you add a new product or service? Hire a new person? Want to run a special? Write a blog post? If you don’t have time to upload new text, photos, or videos, Fresh Eggs can handle it for you.

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