Themes vs Templates

Not all Wordpress themes are created equal. Some themes are more like templates which limit the design of a website. This can be as bad for design as using any DIY web builder service like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. While these make it easier for people with less design skills, it’s the reason most DIY …

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WordPress Themes

Don’t make your customers wait on your website WordPress uses themes to customize the layout and design of a website. There are 1000s of free and premium themes available.  Changing a theme won’t change the content of the website, just how that content is displayed.  I use the Generate Press theme with Generate Blocks which …

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Wordpress Plugins

How to choose and use There are over 54,000 FREE plugins in the WordPress.org repository. This is part of the vast WordPress ecosystem and one of the reasons Wordpress is so popular. Plugins expand WordPress’s functionality by making WordPress sites capable of almost anything (except maybe cooking your dinner.) My cloth diaper client wanted a …

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Why WordPress

In May of 2003 the first version of WordPress was available. In the 19 years since, it has grown from a small blogging platform to a vast ecosystem that supports big business websites to thousands of theme and plugin developers as well as big and small web design agencies like Fresh Eggs. Just a few …

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Will Your website grow with your business?

WordPress is known for being scalable. Scalability in relationship to a website means the site can accommodate large amounts of traffic without loss of performance – provided that the site is well built on a good hosting environment with adequate resources. Scalability is one of Wordpress’ key features. WordPress powers over a third of the …

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How do you show key information on your website?

The power of custom post types for getting things noticed. Pages and posts are post types of WordPress and how WordPress organizes it’s content. There is also something called a custom post type that can be added with code or a plugin. Custom post types are a way to organize specific content in WordPress. Recipes …

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