Why WordPress

In May of 2003 the first version of WordPress was available. In the 19 years since, it has grown from a small blogging platform to a vast ecosystem that supports big business websites to thousands of theme and plugin developers as well as big and small web design agencies like Fresh Eggs.

Just a few facts about WordPress from Digital.com:

  • There are over 54,000 FREE plugins for WordPress.
  • WordPress is available in 196 languages.
  • WordPress.org is more visited than Twitter
  • Wordpress users make 27 new posts every second.
  • WordPress Takes Care of 80-90% of Google’s Crawling Issues – which means it is very SEO friendly.

WordPress is my chosen website platform for because of its scalability, versatility and ecosystem of tools, functionality and community. It is an amazing way to build a website that grows with a small business and it’s FREE for anyone to download and use.