I work with small businesses, many with less than 10 employees. These businesses typically have a unique spin on their services and are passionate about what they do. My job is to bring that out on their website so that it’s easy to understand quickly.

One such client is Farrow, owned by a regenerative farmer, who uses lard and tallow to make body creams that are healthy for people and the planet. The products contain only a few ingredients and no water or chemicals. My skin has never been so soft. đŸ˜‰

In order to stand out in such a competitive market and show why Farrow products are superior to their big name chemically laden competitors, we knew that the Farrow website had to a lot of education to do. And because of the farm component there was an opportunity to show the beauty of the world the animals live in.

Because of my commercial photography roots, I can help my clients with photography assets for their websites. Sometimes I just guide them in what kind of headshots they need for their bio page or do research to find the best stock photos, but I also art direct photo shoots to get the right shots for each web page. This includes recommending a photographer, coordinating with the photographer, creating the shot list, attending the shoot to guide the photographer to capture what is needed for each page, as well as curating and picking the photos. (We had about 1300 photos from our one day shoot on the farm to get to the final 14 for the Farrow website.)

Thanks to Tamara Reynolds Photography for the farm shoot and Scott Lowden Photography for the product photos! Both of your work is always THE best and this project was no exception!

This whole project started with branding, copy, videography and social media by The Pickle Jar.