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File formats

Are you using the right ones on your website? What is the difference in a jpg, a png or an svg file?  All compress media (make the file size smaller) for the web.  The jpg format is best for photos.  A png file has a transparent pixel channel which is great for a graphic with …

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Themes vs Templates

Not all Wordpress themes are created equal. Some themes are more like templates which limit the design of a website. This can be as bad for design as using any DIY web builder service like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. While these make it easier for people with less design skills, it’s the reason most DIY …

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WordPress Themes

Don’t make your customers wait on your website WordPress uses themes to customize the layout and design of a website. There are 1000s of free and premium themes available.  Changing a theme won’t change the content of the website, just how that content is displayed.  I use the Generate Press theme with Generate Blocks which …

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On-Site vs Off-Site SEO

“Do you do SEO?” is a question that I get asked a lot. In short, I configure the on-site search engine optimization for the sites that I build. On-site SEO are things that can be configured for better SEO on the website itself like page structure, alt text on images, proper tagging of elements, site …

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How Much for a Website?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how much does a website cost.  Cost has a lot of variables like:  number of pages functionality  experience level and knowledge of the web designer is the site being built with existing software available? is a developer writing the code from the ground up?  A …

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Wordpress Plugins

How to choose and use There are over 54,000 FREE plugins in the WordPress.org repository. This is part of the vast WordPress ecosystem and one of the reasons Wordpress is so popular. Plugins expand WordPress’s functionality by making WordPress sites capable of almost anything (except maybe cooking your dinner.) My cloth diaper client wanted a …

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Do You update your Website Software?

Ignoring those notifications to update your website software can cost you time, money and leads and business growth. John owns a CrossFit gym and gets a lot of leads from his website. One day he pulled up his website and instead of seeing it, he saw a spammy website selling grey market pharmaceutical products. John’s …

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Do You Back Up Your Website?

I was working on a WordPress website for a new client when their live non-WordPress site went down and couldn’t be restored. The best backup that they had was 5 years old. Even though their product line was vastly different, they had to use the old backup while I developed the new website. If they …

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