Themes vs Templates

Not all Wordpress themes are created equal.

Some themes are more like templates which limit the design of a website. This can be as bad for design as using any DIY web builder service like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly. While these make it easier for people with less design skills, it’s the reason most DIY attempts look DIY.

Templates are also the reason why many businesses in the same industry have sites that look similar to their competitors. 

I start with a blank canvas and build custom websites. Emphasizing why work with the business by using effective marketing copy and design gets my clients noticed.

A health coach client told me that she gets compliments consistently about the uniqueness of her website and is why many clients initially connect with her. 

While templated themes and DIY services are a good resource to get online fast, it’s not always the best option for standing out among the competition and convincing a web savvy buyer to use your services.

Your business is unique. Shouldn’t your website be too?