WordPress Themes

Don’t make your customers wait on your website

WordPress uses themes to customize the layout and design of a website. There are 1000s of free and premium themes available. 

Changing a theme won’t change the content of the website, just how that content is displayed. 

I use the Generate Press theme with Generate Blocks which was written for WordPress’s newest editor. Every component of the site is created from blank pages, as opposed to starting from a template. 

I use this combination because it is lightweight on the site, meaning it doesn’t hinder performance, and it’s almost limitless in design possibilities. So I my clients sites are completely custom as well as speedy. 

When I tested GP with GB against another page builder theme that I used to use on a fresh WordPress installation (no other software or content added), GP+GB had a perfect score (A) compared to other theme which scored in the B range.

Wordpress is an amazing tool to create websites. Picking the right software to use with it is important if you want people to buy products, schedule appointments or just read your information instead of bouncing off because they have to wait for pages to load.