On-Site vs Off-Site SEO

“Do you do SEO?” is a question that I get asked a lot.

In short, I configure the on-site search engine optimization for the sites that I build.

On-site SEO are things that can be configured for better SEO on the website itself like page structure, alt text on images, proper tagging of elements, site loading speed etc..…

I do not handle off-site SEO, which are things outside the website, like backlinks and other marketing efforts that drive traffic to a website. Although, I do recommend people that do this.

I built a website for an attorney who is very involved with local business organizations. I connected the site to Google Analytics and configured it properly for SEO (On-site SEO) while building it. Their speaking events are updated regularly on the website which also help with SEO and the marketing around the events drive traffic to the website which is (Off-site SEO).

Because SEO can be complicated and the standards for ranking measurements are changing all the time. A properly built website will you the best foundation for your marketing efforts. 

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