How Much for a Website?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how much does a website cost. 

Cost has a lot of variables like: 

  • number of pages
  • functionality 
  • experience level and knowledge of the web designer
  • is the site being built with existing software available?
  • is a developer writing the code from the ground up? 

A static informational website with no features like forms, calendars, scheduling, e-commerce etc will cost less than those with that extra functionality – and of course these need to work well and not slow down the website. A site with stock images will cost less than one with original photography but original professional photography will set a business apart because it will be more authentic. 5 pages may cost less than 10 but are those 5 pages more succinct beneficial information and are the 10 just a lot of words no one will read? These are just a few things to consider when planning a website and what can affect the cost.

Most small businesses need at least 5 pages – home, about, services, blog, and contact. This is essential info in order to sell services as well as have enough content for search engines to crawl. 

At Fresh Eggs our pricing starts around $5000 to build a custom 5 page website including writing the content with an experienced marketing copywriter. Our websites are built with WordPress and existing software solutions but are custom designed to match the business’s message/content and do not use templates. If special functionality or assets are needed we bring in other skilled professionals like photographers, graphic designers and developers.  You can find our starting pricing on our website for easy access.

I believe that small businesses deserve beautiful and well functioning websites that show authentically who they are and why to work with them. This can be accomplished for relatively little, or a lot, and I try to strike a balance for a great website with affordability for my small business clients. Not every business needs a $10K+ website to be effective. However, as the saying goes, you do pay for what you get in many cases. So beware of “cheap” websites.