Client Horror Stories

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Do You update your Website Software?

Ignoring those notifications to update your website software can cost you time, money and leads and business growth. John owns a CrossFit gym and gets a lot of leads from his website. One day he pulled up his website and instead of seeing it, he saw a spammy website selling grey market pharmaceutical products. John’s …

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Do You Back Up Your Website?

I was working on a WordPress website for a new client when their live non-WordPress site went down and couldn’t be restored. The best backup that they had was 5 years old. Even though their product line was vastly different, they had to use the old backup while I developed the new website. If they …

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Webcare pays for itself

Client webcare horror stories I was referred to someone who thought their website had been hacked. When they went to their homepage it would only show the WordPress login screen. The site had never had webcare so the software hadn’t been updated in many years. And while there are almost 90,000 attacks per minute on …

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