Do You update your Website Software?

Ignoring those notifications to update your website software can cost you time, money and leads and business growth.

John owns a CrossFit gym and gets a lot of leads from his website. One day he pulled up his website and instead of seeing it, he saw a spammy website selling grey market pharmaceutical products. John’s website had been hacked and redirected. Because his website software hadn’t been updated in more than a year hackers had gained access through an outdated plugin.

Out of date software is the biggest reason a WordPress website gets hacked.

John lost valuable work time trying to find someone to fix his website as well as leads coming in from the website while it was being fixed plus it cost $$$ to get his website back up and running.

In order to keep ahead of any vulnerabilities my client’s sites get updated weekly. Currently I am offering website audits to help the small business owner understand how to get the most out of their website from a marketing and technical perspective. It also includes an hour consult to go over the results with a list of actionable items for improvement.

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