What besides a hacker or software issue can bring a website down?

Sometimes, it’s plain ole operator error….

An old client called me to tell me her website was down. There was no telling how long it was down, as she just happened to notice it one day.

I suggested that she make sure her hosting and domain accounts were paid in full. Then she said….”Oh, I got an email about the SSL renewal, but ignored it because I decided to do the free option”.

This caused her website’s SSL certificate to be invalid so her website was no longer showing. If she had had someone doing Webcare, she wouldn’t have suffered downtime and possible loss of valuable leads and sales.

I know immediately when my Webcare client’s sites go down because I monitor uptime.

I also do website audits for people wondering how their website is working for them. A site audit can tell someone what works, what doesn’t, and what to do to get the most out of the website, plus it includes an hour consult to go over the results.

Do you know how your website is performing?