Do You Back Up Your Website?

I was working on a WordPress website for a new client when their live non-WordPress site went down and couldn’t be restored.

The best backup that they had was 5 years old. Even though their product line was vastly different, they had to use the old backup while I developed the new website. If they had had a viable current backup, the site could have been restored quickly instead of losing valuable time, and sales, using the old backup without their current products.

My webcare plans include daily backups stored in multiple places so if there ever is a problem, there isn’t one for long.

I do audits for people wondering how their website is working for them. A site audit evaluates marketing and technical aspects of a website and can tell you what works, what doesn’t and what to do to get the most from your website, plus it includes an hour consult to go over the results.

What would you do if your site went down and there was no way to recover it?