Webcare pays for itself

Client webcare horror stories

I was referred to someone who thought their website had been hacked. When they went to their homepage it would only show the WordPress login screen.

The site had never had webcare so the software hadn’t been updated in many years. And while there are almost 90,000 attacks per minute on WordPress websites according to Wordfence – it turns out the site hadn’t been hacked, but the host’s software had advanced beyond the website’s software version.

Just like when a smartphone’s operating system gets too old to run current apps, your WordPress website’s software will eventually get too old to run on it’s server, if you never update it. And it will just stop working.

If the website was being cared for all along, the site wouldn’t have been down for months by the time we talked. A website being down costs a business valuable leads and sales.

Do you perform webcare on your website?

At Fresh Eggs we do weekly webcare for our clients. They never have to wonder if their website’s are down or running well.

Contact me for a website audit. You will receive a detailed document with actionable items to improve your website in user experience, conversion optimization, SEO, performance and security, plus an hour consult with me to go over the results for $375. Then you can decide to do the work yourself, hand it off to your developer or hire me to fix the issues. No matter what you decide, will have a path to get your website performing better and working for you.