Why do you Pick one business over another?

Personal service is a big reason many people Choose small companies over large ones.

Personal service makes us feel special and makes it worth spending our hard earned cash. So drawing attention to the fact a business is small is key in making a small business stand out from others in their industry. 

It is especially important to show a business is small when the work is in an intimate nature with clients, such as healthcare or finances.

One of my clients works with people who have chronic illnesses. She helps them find the root cause of their conditions to get the right treatments with the right medical professionals. Knowing who she is starts the trust relationship with her clients. I show this through telling her story and dozens of heartfelt testimonials about real client experiences on her website.

How do potential clients get to know you on your website? Do you do have a unique story to tell or a passion behind why you do what you do? This will set you apart from others in your field and highlight your personal service as a small business.