How quickly can someone understand what you do?

If anyone, who doesn’t know you or your business, looks at your home page can they answer the question “what does this business do” in less than a few seconds?

I have a therapy practice client that combines lifestyle choices with traditional therapy to support greater mental health. To figure that out on their old website you had to read between the lines. The main heading on the home page was “Welcome”. Although there was a list of the conditions treated and credentials in small text further down the page, no where did the page say anything about being a holistic therapy practice.

It’s important to say in plain language “We do ABC work for XYZ clients…” or something like it. This main message should be so clear that anyone can understand it almost immediately when they get to your home page.

Not being clear about what a business does is a mistake that I see on websites all the time. When a viewer’s attention isn’t captured within a few seconds, they will move on and the sale is lost.

Now the main heading on my client’s new home page is “A Holistic approach to a better you” with “therapy + lifestyle” just under that. So immediately viewers know if they are in the right place.

An effective website makes it easy for potential customers and existing clients to find what they are looking for.