What is Visual Hierachy and why it matters in Web Design

Good web design uses visual hierarchy to tell the reader what is most important and in which order to view it in. This involves using design principles like contrast, scale, balance and more.

Visual hierarchy tends to be one of the common design mistakes that I see on websites.  Good visual hierarchy is always going to be more effective for sales because the user is led around the page in the order that the seller dictates.

Visual hierarchy adds to the ease of using a website (usability). The result is that more customers find what they are looking for so they stay on the website longer. This not only increases sales but translates to more credit with the search engines to improve search rankings.

A great website enables you to reach more customers. Are you educating viewers about your services? I can design an easy to use website that will guide potential clients to the heart of your message so you’ll keep your schedule full.