Is your website setting your business apart from the competition?

Or does it make you look like everyone else?

Being small a small business is an asset and one of a small business’s best differentiators. 

Many times a small business has a unique story. One of my client’s had a serious boating accident. During recovery she connected the dots between having a healthy mind and healthy body which led her to take her practice in a holistic direction. 

Telling a business owner’s story is an incredible way to connect to potential clients and show the passion behind the business. It can reveal the mission and can be one of a small business’s best differentiators.

I love working with small businesses and I strive to show why they are unique on all my clients’ sites. 

How do potential clients get to know you on your website? Do you do have a unique story to tell or a passion behind why you do what you do? This will set you apart from others in your field and highlight your personal service as a small business.