Web Design: Creative and Standardized….Can you have both?

The area of a webpage that contains the logo and page menu is called the header. Standardization of the header makes the website easier to use which means more pages are visited and viewers stay on the site longer. 

I usually put the header at the top of a website which is the most expected placement. Down the left side is the next best place to put it. 

Getting super creative about where you put the header on a website is not the way to make a website stand out if the goal is to have people see the content. 

A main goal for me is to make a website as easy to use as possible because that makes it easier for people and in turn better for the website’s search engine ranking. So I choose to be creative within the message, content and design of other page elements, not the header.

Ask me how I achieve a custom website design so that it doesn’t look like a generic template while still being user friendly for people while making the search engines happy.