Does your website get A viewer’s attention in 3 seconds or less?

The hero section of a webpage is first thing someone sees and is the page’s most important area. It’s just under the navigation or main menu. The hero section is where you grab someone’s attention to keep reading. 

It’s important that the hero section have a clear concise statement about the business or webpage’s purpose and be designed well. If people have to work too hard to understand, they move on. 

My client 316 Volleyball Club’s hero section has silhouettes of girls playing volleyball in the background and the text says “316 Volleyball Club. Respectful, Positive Coaching, for a change. Girls ages 11 – 18” A viewer has no doubt it’s a girls volleyball club that believes in building up their players instead of using the industry standard way of criticism. Their website has played a key role in their growth in a fairly competitive business space.

Can anyone understand what you do and why you are unique within a few seconds of viewing your homepage?