Do Fonts Matter?

The body area of a webpage comes after the hero section (the top area that you first see). It’s the meat of a webpage and the page element with the most information. 

As with everything on a website, it’s important to make it easy on the viewer. So ornate fonts are best reserved for headlines and a simple readable font should be used for body copy. Appropriate font styles not only help the viewer consume the information, they are a way to echo the branding and personality of the business. 

I pick fonts for the websites that I design based on the type of business, their logo and branding materials as well as the heart of their message. 

For instance a more modern thin font for the body paired with a playful handwritten font for headlines works well for a cloth diaper service but a traditional serif font may be better for a law firm. 

What’s the reason behind your website fonts? Do they help elevate your brand or were they just the defaults that were offered?

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