What’s a Footer?

Can viewers easily find important information on your website?

The footer of a website is the area at the bottom of every page that has valuable information like policies, phone numbers, addresses and maybe an email sign-up form, just to name a few examples. Users intentionally scroll to the footer to find that information. So this area is valuable real estate that can be a second chance to sell or a last resort for hard to find content. 

My church client uses the footer for special events and to show their worship schedule. During the holidays this becomes extra important information because their schedule is different than during the rest of the year. 

During the web design process I work with my clients to determine the best information to include in their footers and help them keep it current while they are on my hosting/webcare plans. 

Do you post special offers or events on your website? Can viewers easily find  your phone or address on every page? 

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