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Why write a blog post for the novice and the reluctant….

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Why write a blog post for the novice and the reluctant….


Keyboard imageLots of people are reluctant for many reasons to start a blog. They say “I have a website, my business is good. I’m not a writer, and besides all of that I really don’t have the time!”

Well, lots of people feel this way. But aren’t you passionate about your small business? Didn’t you start it because you believed in something? If so, sharing it with the world will only serve to better your business and its longevity.

Here are some compelling reasons from a small business perspective of WHY write a blog post and maintain a blog:

CREDIBILITY: Blogging establishes YOUR expertise in YOUR field!

When you talk and share your knowledge about your business, how it works or how you work, folks can see how much you really know about what you do. Through teaching and educating in your blog, you will increase your customers. You aren’t giving away the farm so to speak, you are giving people reasons to hire you. They can see through reading your posts that you have ideas, personality, knowledge. Most likely it will go further to help your clients understand what you do, justify your pricing and even prequalify your clients.

SEO: A blog will increase traffic to your site.

Your SEO (search engine optimization) will be enhanced. SEO has gotten more complicated than just sticking a few key words on each page of your site, and it’s changing all the time….getting smarter. Search engines like new content. New content gives you more chances to be found because it gives you a better chance of rising to the top of searches because the search engines have more content to crawl.

BRANDING: Blogging furthers your branding efforts by reminding people you are out there.

In the 21st century we are inundated with information and timelines have become so short that lots of info gets missed or forgotten. People only read half of an email so never answer all the questions. Everyone experiences finding a great article to read *later* but forgetting to ever come back to it. If that same article’s site continues to add to their content and you come across them consistently, then you will think of that site or business as a good source for what they do. The repetition of your company name, logo, and brand presence across as many channels as possible increases the chances of being top of mind.

ENHANCES YOUR OFFERING: Blogging gives you content to post on social networks, send out in email newsletters and the like, further increasing your exposure and your brand.

This one is pretty self explanatory. When you write a blog post it gives you reason to make contact with your prospects and existing clients. You can use it to Tweet, post on Facebook, send in your email newsletter and the like. This extra content enhances your product or service giving people a reason to go back to your site.

CONVERSIONS: The more posts (pages) on your site, the more CTA’s (call to action) you will have.

One of the best reasons to blog is to draw people to your site. But once they are there what’s the next step? They read your post and think it’s great (hopefully), then move on and forget about what they read (maybe). Best case is they are ready to hire or buy from you now, so they do. But not everyone is ready at that moment to click and buy, call you for your services or find you elsewhere. Hopefully they remember you for later. Make it easy for them, and in-turn for you, not to forget. Capture their email address right then. The way to do this is with some kind of “call to action” or “CTA” to get their email address so that you can continue to stay in touch whether that is through a newsletter or special promotion. The more traffic you have on your site due to blog posts, the more pages (digital real estate if you will) you will have to include some kind of CTA. The more call-to-actions that you have the more potential to convert those viewers into customers.

And if those reasons don’t have you convinced why write a blog post, here are 34 more you should check out!

Well all this is well and good you say. But HOW do I do it? I’m NOT a writer! Check back later for “How to WRITE a blog post for the novice and the reluctant”.

Holly Neumann

Holly Neumann

Web Designer, Marketing Consultant

Before starting Fresh Eggs, Holly Neumann ran RepGirl, Inc, a boutique photography agency in the South with a talented group of photographers shooting for the advertising industry, for 19 years. Her regular client list included Delta, Aflac, Publix and Dixie among others. With her love of Wordpress and a marketing, design and photography background she started Fresh Eggs in 2016. She's knows what it takes to make a small business be memorable when it comes to websites and marketing.


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