Should your small business website be accessible?

A surprising amount of websites are now required to be accessible…

Title III of the ADA says that places of public accommodation opens a new window (businesses that are open to the public) are legally required to be accessible. And on March 18, 2022 the Department of Justice issued an official ruling that websites can be considered places of public accommodation opens a new window.

So having a website that is accessible is now officially a legal requirement for the majority of small business websites – even if they don’t have a physical location.

What’s alarming is that most websites have many accessibility errors opens a new window, and the majority of web developers don’t even discuss it with their clients. I didn’t until recently. This is partly ignorance as well as the fact that website accessibility guidelines and laws have been changing at the speed of light recently. And unlike becoming a doctor, engineer or CPA web design is the wild wild west without a standard roadmap.

Is your website selling goods or services to the public? Do you know if it is accessible?

You can read this article about web accessibility guidance opens a new window for more information. And get in touch with me at Fresh Eggs for an accessibility audit.