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Wise Traditions in CA! I’m going!!!!

Real Food

2015 WISE TRADITIONS – Focus on FatsWise Traditions

I’m so excited to be attending the Wise Traditions Conference in Anaheim, CA this November! It will be my first time going to the conference and I am anxious to eat all the good real food they provide while soaking up an amazing amount of knowledge that will be presented. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s in Southern California! I hope to come back with all kinds of knowledge about healing, preparing and sourcing great nutritious traditional real foods, as well as a deeper understanding of the areas I am interested in serving with my skills.

If anyone going is reading this, please look for me (or post in the comments)! I can’t wait to learn while meeting like minded folks and see how we can all benefit each other. Stay tuned for more posts about the conference.




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