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Web Design Process

Phase 1 Hen Design Process


At the beginning of your project, we will give you a short “Concept Questionnaire” that will help us understand the style, colors, designs and functionality that you prefer for your new website as well as gather information about example websites and competitors which will be used in Phase 2. We also use the “Web Design Questionnaire” that you filled out before accepting our proposal/estimate to understand your business, website goals and general scope of the project.

You will be connected with a professional content writer for interviews to write the content (this is an addon service) to deliver your core message. We will provide a tool to guide you through the process of collecting other content like logos, contact info and images that we will need to create your new website. 

Phase 1 concludes when we receive in full the assembled content for the website.

Phase 2 Hen Design Process


When we receive the content for your website and your concept questionnaire, we will begin work on the design concept for your website.

Since we will create the design for your new website from information you provide on the Concept Questionnaire, please be as specific as possible about color scheme, imagery, branding, and the look you desire.

If a logo design is part of the project, we will not begin to create the design concept until your new logo has been completed. This is important because the new logo design and style will inform the design of the site.

As part of our design process, we produce one design concept that has been created to effectively reach your target audience. This concept is adjusted throughout our communication with you in Phase 2 until you are satisfied.

Phase 2 concludes when you approve the design concept for your website.

Phase 3 Hen Design Process


If we do not have all of your content at this time we will notify you that we are ready to begin Phase 3. We will work with you to determine if we should place the project on hold at this time or begin Phase 3. Once we have begun phase 3 you are responsible for the entire cost of the project and any incurred expenses whether or not we ever receive all of your content.

The concept that you approved in Phase 2 is converted into a customized WordPress template, pages are built and functionality is added.

Phase 3 concludes when we complete the website and submit it to you for revisions (minor updates and changes to existing design and content and not new additions to the project). 

Phase 4 Hen Design Process


You review the website for design tweaks, content proofing and functionality then create a list of REVISIONS that need to be made.

TESTING: we will rely on you to help with testing of the website’s functionality and viewing on various devices during this phase. We will need your effort at this time to interact with your site as much as possible in order to troubleshoot any inconsistencies or performance issues and report these back to us.

If you want to make major revisions to the design concept created in phase 1, other previously approved items, or if the time required to make revisions exceeds 4 hours, you will be billed for these changes on the final invoice at our current hourly rate.

Phase 4 concludes when you approve the requested revisions and the final payment is received.

Phase 5 Hen Design Process


We will publish your website so that it is viewable on your domain name.

Due to the nature of the Internet, it can take up to 48 hours for a newly published website to be viewable by everyone.

Phase 6 Hen Design Process


Just like your computer, phone or car your new website needs maintenance. The WordPress core, plugins and themes need to be updated regularly in order to function well, play well with each other and minimize your site’s security risks.

For enhanced security, site speed and piece of mind for our clients we offer WordPress server optimized hosting and support services only to sites that we build.

We also offer quarterly maintenance services for sites that we build that are hosted on third party servers.

If you don’t use one of our support options we will teach you how to do the basic software updates on your site yourself!


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