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WHAT IF we start a movement? In a similar sentiment to Small Business Saturday, this would be “SHARE THE LOVE” of a small business on social media by LIKING, RETWEETING, or **SHARING** the posts or pages of those small businesses you believe in and want to help. Liking is great but SHARING and RETWEETING their posts or pages will make the biggest impact for exposure to new folks.

sharetheloveAs a small business, you are the marketing director, business manager, bookkeeper, new business director AND creator of your product or service (not to mention supply chain management, secretary or janitor!). It’s easy to feel like you aren’t making a dent in your marketing efforts, as marketing takes consistent effort over time and you may not have the budget to pay for advertising. So word of mouth is KEY. The good news is social networking is free…but it takes time to build.

As I was doing some posting for my business other day, I realized how easy it would be for all of us to help each other get more exposure. It can be hard for small businesses to create digital momentum on their own.


So pick a day, any day will do, and make sure once a week you SHARE THE LOVE.…And while you are at it….LIKE their page AS YOUR PAGE….and invite others to do so too. You will never know how many small businesses thank you, but you will make a difference. So what day will be your day to…

*SHARE* the love?

(BTW ~ if Fresh Eggs has not already *Liked* your page on Facebook or followed you on Twitter, please let me know so I can *SHARE* the love!)





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