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3 Steps to Passwords You Can Remember!


Login screen graphicHow many times have you gone to a website and not been able to remember your password? Sure you can reset it, but you want to pick something you can remember and that’s not the same for every account. Lots of times you can’t even reset to a password you have previously used. Plus most passwords need to contain numbers, caps and/or special characters. It can get pretty confusing even for the most organized person.

It’s times like these that a good solid password formula, which makes each password unique, comes in handy.

It’s not foolproof, but will enable you to access the password easily without having a photographic memory or using a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets help, but you have to diligently update them…and have access to them. Password managers like Last Pass are really great, but sometimes you need that password fast and aren’t able to access your password manager easily (like when you are in an app on your phone ~ or even another person’s device).

So here goes. Just 3 steps to passwords you can remember:

  1. Pick a word that means something to you. Maybe it’s a mantra for the new year like exercise or patience.
  2. Then change up two of the letters to a number and a special symbol. So maybe exercise becomes ex3rc1se. Use whatever makes sense to you but change at least two letters out.
  3. The next 2 to 3 characters of the password become specific to each website or service you are accessing and are capitalized. So for Amazon the password would look like this ex3rc1seAMA. And Apple would look like ex3rc1seAPP. If the site is a name like Paypal then it makes sense to use two capital letters at the end of your mantra word instead of three. So Paypal’s password would be ex3rc1sePP. Get it?

That’s it! Easy peasy. No more banging your head against a wall to remember so that you can order that new gadget that you just have to have by TOMORROW. So get to changing those passwords!



Other helpful tips for passwords:

  • DO stay consistent with whatever method or formula you use. If you mix it up, you won’t be able to figure it out easily.
  • DO use a password manager in addition to the above. It will make your life a lot easier.
  • DO change your passwords once a year. January is a good time. Along with your New Year’s resolutions you can pick your word mantra and incorporate it into your password formula.
  • DO use unique passwords as much as possible


What do you think? Are you able to manage your passwords effectively? Does this look like a good solution? I’d love to hear any other solutions you may have or suggestions in the comments below.



Holly Neumann

Holly Neumann

Web Designer, Marketing Consultant

Before starting Fresh Eggs, Holly Neumann ran RepGirl, Inc, a boutique photography agency in the South with a talented group of photographers shooting for the advertising industry, for 19 years. Her regular client list included Delta, Aflac, Publix and Dixie among others. With her love of Wordpress and a marketing, design and photography background she started Fresh Eggs in 2016. She's knows what it takes to make a small business be memorable when it comes to websites and marketing.


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