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Hosting, Support and Maintenance


We do the maintenance for you on your 3rd party server.

All plans are billed quarterly.

*$150 / qt on Go Daddy servers


Hosting, support and maintenance are all taken care of for you on our private servers. Add 25% for e-commerce sites.

*only applies to FE designed and built sites

All plans are billed quarterly.



What is SSL and why do I need it?

An SSL certificate tells visitors you have a safe site. If you have an SSL you can see the green lock in the address bar of many browsers. It ensures that information is encrypted going to and from your site. This is especially important if you have any kind of user input (contact forms, ecommerce etc...) on your site.

Beginning in January of 2017 Google started penalizing search rankings of sites without SSL that collect user information. (Yes, that's even just a contact form.)

Why does a server need to be optimized?

If your server is optimized to host a specific kind of site, then it runs more efficiently. This translates into speed at which your site loads and functions. This is important to keep viewers on your site as well as contributing to your search engine rankings (SEO).

Any kind of site may be hosted on shared hosting. So shared hosting servers are not optimized for any specific kind of site software. 

Fresh Eggs' server is optimized for Wordpress and only hosts Wordpress sites that are designed and maintained by Fresh Eggs.

How often does my site need software updates?

Your site should be updated as often as updates are available in order to stay it's most secure and best functioning. 

Some updates are bug fixes or improvements and some are security fixes. The security fixes are the ones that need to be updated in a timely manner.

Read more here about what is involved in updating the plugins, theme and Wordpress CMS.

What's the difference in Site and Server side security?

To make content or design changes in Wordpress you access the back of your site through the Wordpress dashboard area. We call this "site side". The "server side" of your site is where the site's files live on your host's server. Both have different login access points and can be vulnerable to hackers.

It is important to have security in place on both sides of your site. Make sure you are comfortable with the level of security that your host provides. Shared hosting is the most vulnerable hosting from the server side. Because shared hosts allow anykind of site to buy hosting space, if one of those sites is vulnerable because of outdated software or other, then all the sites on that server are vulnerable as well.

What are conflicts?

Just like your computer or smartphone, your Wordpress site has software that needs updating. Sometimes the software may conflict with each other and cause the site not to function properly or it may even bring the site down.

You can read more about conflicts and site updating here.

Why do I need to backup and where do I backup to?

Hacking is real and can bring your site down. Conflicts with software can also happen and could bring your site down. Having backups gives you peace of mind and makes it easy to restore your site if anything should happen.

Backups should be performed at least daily, and ideally to a different location than the same server on which the site resides. Local backups are backups that live on the same server as your site's files. Off-site, cloud, 3rd party backups are all away from your host server.

What's the difference in content updates and software updates?

Content is all the information on your website. It's what lives on your pages. Most site owners like to update content on a regular basis. Search engines like new content and you need new content to use on social media to drive traffic to your website.

Software updates are updates to what makes your site function such as the Wordpress CMS, plugins and themes.

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