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ABOUT: Fresh Eggs Mission

You are not a legitimate business today without a website, but an old ugly site won’t increase your sales.

With an affordable website designed just for your business by Fresh Eggs, you’ll get noticed so that you can sell while you sleep.

  • 2015 – established Fresh Eggs
  • 2001 – 2015 Photographer’s agent and owner of RepGirl, Inc.a boutique photo agency marketing a small group of talented photographer’s nationwide within the advertising industry.
  • 1996 – 2001 Photographer’s agent
  • 1990 – 1992 Portfolio Center – Photography
  • 1988 Georgia Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
  • Memberships past and present: PowerCore, WBENC, APA / APA Atlanta past board member, Creative Club of Atlanta past board member, Freelancers Union, WAPF

Holly Neumann: Fresh Eggs Principal | Web Designer

It’s been a long and curvy road to get here.Fresh Eggs mission: founder portrait I love design, photography and making things with my hands. From slipcovers, chandeliers or even my own toothpaste, to homemade broth, mayonnaise and ice cream, I’d rather make something than buy it. This is not only because of the joy that comes with creating something personal, unique or healthy, but then I know what the ingredients are and where they came from.

My grandparents were farmers. My father grew up on a farm. Some of my cousins still farm. I didn’t really understand or appreciate the act of growing food as I was growing up. But having my son in 2006 put me on the path of cooking a traditional diet which led to a re-connection with where our food comes from, why it’s important to eat real, whole food and to know our farmers. The more I learn the more I can never go back. It amazes me how disconnected we are from our food, our body’s health systems, and what it takes to get real food to our table to keep us healthy.

I have an industrial design degree from Georgia Tech; commercial photography training; spent over 19 years with my business RepGirl, Inc in the advertising industry marketing photographers to ad agencies and design firms. Delta, Aflac, and Dixie were just some of our regular clients. 

With my experience in marketing, design and photography Fresh Eggs mission is to work with the types of organizations and small businesses whose goals are to empower their clients to lead healthier lives and do good in the world. So if your small business deals in farming, CSA’s, alternative health, non-toxic products, farm to table restaurants, or anyone wanting to educate, sell or distribute real food, wellness services or green products, then we may be a great fit.

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