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5 Reasons You Should Re-Think Chiropractic


Guestpost by Dr Chelsea Drda

I wouldn’t be a functioning adult without chiropractic care. At age 20 I started having pelvic pain, which made walking incredibly painful. It wasn’t until I started getting adjusted that I also realized my migraine headaches could be resolved without the 4-6 ibuprofen I was taking almost every day. Getting adjusted is the reason I can sit, walk, run, and think without frequent use of medication. Even if I was in a different profession, I would be a chiropractic advocate because of the impact it has had on my life.

In three years of clinical practice, I have seen thousands of patients in all stages of health see improvement from conditions which many people wouldn’t associate with chiropractic care. An overwhelming percentage of those had been told by another healthcare provider that their condition could only be managed with medication and/or would never improve. On the contrary, many saw incredible improvement or even complete resolution when the interferences were removed from their nervous system by chiropractic adjustments. Fun fact, over-the-counter drugs are not intended for long-term use and carry serious risks of damaging the stomach, intestines, liver, and kidneys, as well as interfering with other medications and chronic diseases. Do you know someone who takes at least one over-the-counter pain or cold/flu medication for prolonged periods?

5 Reasons You Should Re-Think Chiropractic

1. You have neck pain, back pain, or headaches.

Although there is a growing wealth of research supporting chiropractic care for many health concerns, the most widely accepted reasons to see a chiropractor include these conditions.

2. You went before and it “didn’t work”, or you had a poor experience.

First let me ask you, have you been to a restaurant and had bad service, even food poisoning? Did you ever eat in a restaurant again, perhaps a different one? Have you ever switched doctors, dentists, or hairstylists? Like any professional, chiropractors are all different and no two practice exactly the same way. Ask your family and friends who they trust with their nervous system health.

3. You have exhausted all of the “traditional routes” of care

Many people see a chiropractor as a last resort after nothing else has helped. Although this is not the ideal situation, I have had many patients come to me after they could not find improvement with their other healthcare providers.

4. You have a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Have you heard of text neck and forward head posture? Bending over these devices shortens the muscles in the front of the neck, while straining and over-stretching the muscles in the back of the neck which then also become tight. This leads to forward prominence of the head, placing more stress on the discs and nerves between the bones of the neck, resulting in further muscle spasms, neck pain, headache, fatigue, and more.

5. You have been in a car accident

The “threshold of harmlessness” for whiplash injuries has been documented in the literature at 6-9mph. That means damage occurs in even low speed collisions (think parking lot “fender-benders”), even if you don’t feel the effects. By the time you start to feel the effects of the injury, years may have gone by and it may be too extensive to correct without surgery. Why not err on the side of caution and address it sooner? The risk of damage in an accident increases for individuals under 18 years old and anyone with pre-existing spinal arthritis, history of another car accident, and previous spinal surgery.

Who in your life might benefit from chiropractic care?

Dr Chelsea Drda


Dr. Chelsea Drda is a passionate chiropractor focused on pregnancy and family care. She relocated to the Atlanta area in September 2017 and finds joy every day in practice at the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic. Dr. Chelsea utilizes a variety of techniques for customized care, including adjustments gentle and safe enough for newborns. She is focused on elevating the health of the Atlanta community and enjoys providing public education classes, particularly in food allergy awareness and ergonomics.

Learn more about Dr. Chelsea here:

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