Month: November 2021

illustration of two men shaking hands over a desk about to do business

Why do you Pick one business over another?

Personal service is a big reason many people Choose small companies over a large ones. Personal service makes us feel special and makes it worth spending our hard earned cash. So drawing attention to the fact a business is small is key in making a small business stand out from others in their industry.  It …

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Top section of the home page of a therapy website

How quickly can someone understand what you do?

If anyone, who doesn’t know you or your business, looks at your home page can they answer the question “what does this business do” in less than a few seconds? I have a therapy practice client that combines lifestyle choices with traditional therapy to support greater mental health. To figure that out on their old …

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Info graphic showing visual heirarchy of different size headings on a page

What is Visual Hierachy and why it matters in Web Design

Good web design uses visual hierarchy to tell the reader what is most important and in which order to view it in. This involves using design principles like contrast, scale, balance and more. Visual hierarchy tends to be one of the common design mistakes that I see on websites.  Good visual hierarchy is always going …

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illustration of search engine logos for SEO

On-Page SEO

Simple Tips That Will Help Your WordPress Site’s Ranking SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy that businesses use to get more traffic to their website by ranking higher in searches. When a potential customer does a Google search, the first sites to appear after the ads are the ones that rank highest from …

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illustration of two men standing shaking hands showing working with a small business means working with people

Why Being A Small Business is Cool

And why your website should highlight the fact that you are small. Being a small business is an asset in the minds of many consumers, yet lots of these businesses fail to emphasize their size on their websites. Their sites lack details about the owners, personal photos, stories of origin, and credentials – all information …

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various sizes of screens - desktop, phone, tablet

Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load?

If a website takes more than a few seconds to load – 39% of people will leave.  A big culprit of slow loading pages is image size and is one of the main mistakes people make with their websites. Images should be resized for the size that they appear on screen – not uploaded directly …

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